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  1. Why I’m Making A Film About An Adoption That Happened Nearly 100 Years Ago

    Why I’m Making A Film About An Adoption That Happened Nearly 100 Years Ago guest post by filmmaker Jennifer Kachler.

    America Adopts! is an adoption profile and networking service that connects hopeful adoptive parents with expectant mothers considering adoption for their baby. Story by Lawrence Morton, community manager and chief blogger at America Adopts!




  2. A Student supports adoption through an original movie


    A Student supports adoption through an original movie, “Kennedy Hill.” contributor Denalee Chapman features an article on the David Lynch MA in Film student’s master thesis on the theme of adoption.

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  3. Jim Carrey


    “There are a few select individuals who have been fortunate enough to have met Jim Carrey, in this section you can read their stories. We also have tales of general sightings and even phone calls.”
    – Jim Carrey Online, an unofficial fansite


    “Having Jim Carrey position me as I modeled for him was absolutely unreal. I was speechless, blushing and basically shaking. I was in total awe of his kindness, his artistic expression and his bliss. I feel honored to be the subject of a Jim Carrey original as the process was more than just modeling for him, it was a lesson in life. He taught me so much about art, filmmaking and life in that session then I learned all year because it was an artist inviting an artist into his creative cave, allowing me to see him in action where not many are allowed nor invited to participate. ”
    – Jennifer Kachler


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  4. MUM Student Profile

    What would you say to someone who is interested in the David Lynch MA in film?

    “If you’re interested in the David Lynch MA program, you have to love making films and also be self sufficient in doing so. Come here with the knowledge that you have and then grow upon that. Take the time to make sure you meditate regularly and focus on the growth of your own personal being. That is the best lesson you’ll learn being in this program besides just excelling in your education.  It’s about excelling in you!”

    Read the full interview on MUM Student Profile: Jennifer Kachler

    Published May 1, 2015

  5. KTVO News

    On May 23, 2015, Jennifer and the David Lynch MA in Film Class of 2015 graduated, receiving their Masters of Art. KTVO News interviewed Jennifer on this triumphant day where 400 students from 60 countries celebrated their graduation. Watch the full news piece on KTVO News YouTube channel.

  6. Walk Your Talk With LeAnne & Jennifer: Adoption In Film Kennedy Hill


    LEANNE a CPC, ELI-MP has a special gift working with adoptees and their families to navigate the complexities in their adoption journeys! Her unique Coaching Process has been called The Missing Thread in the Tapestry of Adoption! LeAnne is CEO and Founder of The Tapestry of Adoption and The Walk Your Talk Coach at Legacy Now Lived. She is empowering the adoption community to connect and embrace their stories and improve their relationships!

    As a Coach, Re-united Adoptee, Conscious Adoption Advocate, Mom, Grammie, Warrior Wife, Personal Stylist, Educator, Servant Leader, Radio Host, Speaker and a “New Nester” LeAnne encourages individuality, integrity, confidence, & the desire to live a life of freedom and impact. Her passion and her experiences are changing lives, one conversation at a time.

    Hear the radio interview at Life Coach Radio Networks

    Recorded live on April 16, 2015

  7. KRUU Radio – Speaking Freely with Dennis

    Speaking Freely with Dennis


    Dennis Raimondi has a Masters Degree in Education from Harvard University and is a former member of the Dean’s Council at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. After an extensive career in education and business, Dennis began a radio talk show. Mr. Raimondi has been broadcasting on KRUU LP 100.1 FM Fairfield, IA since the station’s inception in 2006. Dennis is a member of the National Press Club.

    Hear the radio interview at KRUU Radio

    Recorded live on April 14, 2015

  8. Kennedy Hill filming at Wahl House in Kalona – The Kalona News

    Kennedy Hill filming at Wahl House in Kalona

    The Kalona News

    Quiet on the set
    By Dan Ehl 


    “The Wahl House at the Kalona Historical Village became a movie set two weeks ago for a film by Jennifer Kachler, a graduate student in the newly created David Lynch MA in Film program. The 20-minute called “Kennedy Hill” is her mater thesis film.”

    …Most of the filming was done in the second floor of the Wahl House, which is closed to the general public.


    Read the full article at The Kalona News

    Published: Wednesday, April 8, 2015 11:17 AM CDT

  9. Jeweler’s ready for closeup – The Hawkeye

    The Hawkeye


    FORT MADISON — Jennifer Joelle Kachler got choked up the !rst time she saw the inside of Dana Bushong Jewelry. The 27-year-old director/ screenwriter/producer knew it was the perfect location for a pivotal scene in her short film “Kennedy Hill.” “I’m just honored they are allowing me to do this and that they believe in this project,” she said.
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    Published: Saturday, March 21, 2015

  10. Bushong’s featured in Flick – Fort Madison Daily Democrat


    Fort Madison Daily Democrat

    “Whenever someone steps along the banks of the Mississippi River in Fort Madison, it is easy to be carried back almost 100 years ago. So when a film company was looking for a place to produce a period film with strong establishments in a vintage jewelry store, Dana Bushong’s was quick to catch the eye.

    Jennifer Kachler, writer, director and producer of “Kennedy Hill,” the film to be produced in Fort Madison, said she fell in love with the place when the idea was first presented to her…”

    Read the full article on Fort Madison Daily Democrat

    Published on March 20, 2015

  11. KWQC News

    KWQC News in the Quad Cities Area of Iowa, interviewed Jennifer while filming “Kennedy Hill” on location. Watch the news piece where they feature the interview and footage from on set recorded on March 19, 2015.

  12. Monday Alumni – School of Visual Arts Film & Animation

    Jennifer’s Alma Mater, the School of Visual Arts Film & Animation, featured her on their Monday Alumni Blog. Jennifer shares her current endeavors in the David Lynch MA in Film program about writing and directing her master thesis film. She also explains how get originally got involved with Transcendental Meditation, a form of meditation David Lynch has been practicing since 1973! Jennifer is very honored to be featured by the school she received her BFA in Film from on their support of her current education to receive her Master’s degree.

    Monday Alumni Blog –


  13. Roger Wolfson on the Art of the Pitch

    Roger Wolfson, a guest lecturer who led a three day seminar on the Art of the Pitch, is a writer & story editor for television. His classes were the most pivotal points in the David Lynch MA in Film program for me, so far. Roger’s encouraged me to truly be myself which allowed my perspective on the writing process to completely open up. Now I’m working on a story that speaks of my heart, mind and soul. Many thanks to the teacher who saw my light and sparked this change.

    I was interviewed by the Maharishi University of Management to discuss my experience in his class:

  14. Des Moines Register Interviews David Lynch MA in Film Student

    The Des Moines Register Interviews David Lynch MA in Film Student, Jennifer Kachler, about Transcendental Meditation and the filmmaker who inspired her to learn.

    Watch the interview:

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  15. Horizon receives 4th place in David Lynch MA in Film short film competition

    Jennifer Kachler’s short film “Horizon” placed 4th out of 8 in the David Lynch MA in Film competition.

    David Lynch personally watched and judged the 8 films created perspective students of the program.

    Jennifer is honored to receive 4th place by her favorite filmmaker who inspired the creative process of the film back in 2009 when it was originally a 30 minute version that she edited down to 17 minutes. For this film competition, all the films submitted had to be 10 minutes or less and 5 years after the completion of the film, Jennifer recut “Horizon” to 10 minutes. Watch the 10 minute version on the David Lynch MA in Film Blog.