Immersed by an idea during a family Christmas vacation in Disney World, the most magical place on Earth, I concocted the story of June. As the oldest of 4 sisters, I envisioned a future where we would be surrounded by families of our own during the holidays; would we all be truly happy with the life partners we chose?  

Are the good things that come to people who wait, the leftovers of people who went before them? This proposed question was crafted by a screenwriting competition hosted by my executive producers and judged by the incredible forces of Jenni Konner and Erin Feeley. Love and death, two recurring themes in my body of work, implored me to develop the character of June.

Creating a story starring a female lead, in particular, a woman of many years, was my goal as I have strong relationships with my two Grandmothers who are in their 80s and 90s. My Nana, in her 90s, has been widowed for over 25 years after both of her marriages ended due to her husband’s untimely deaths; whereas my Grandma has been happily married for over 60 years to my Grandfather. Has my Nana loved another man since being widowed? Has she decided that she’s too old to fall in love again? Have others yearned for the love of my Grandma but her marriage stopped them from pursuing it? Have they truly had the great loves of their lives? If not, will they ever get to?

My goal as a female writer and director is to propel filmmaking on a level where creativity and consciousness spark the dormant emotions in people’s lives. I want to create films that impact people to the point where they tap into their own experiences and then apply those messages from the film into their lives. As a strong & independent woman, I feel compelled to shake up the industry and make a major difference in sharing our stories as women, empowering women to be heard and seen and to truly make an impact in the world we live in.

What I’m most proud of with this film is that the majority of the team behind June are all women: Executive Producers, Producer, Editor, Assistant Director, Production Manager, Production Coordinator, Wardrobe Stylist, Hair & Makeup Artist – they are all in this for the same reason I am, to create films about women, for women and by women, without being exclusive to only women.