“There are a few select individuals who have been fortunate enough to have met Jim Carrey, in this section you can read their stories. We also have tales of general sightings and even phone calls.”
– Jim Carrey Online, an unofficial fansite


“Having Jim Carrey position me as I modeled for him was absolutely unreal. I was speechless, blushing and basically shaking. I was in total awe of his kindness, his artistic expression and his bliss. I feel honored to be the subject of a Jim Carrey original as the process was more than just modeling for him, it was a lesson in life. He taught me so much about art, filmmaking and life in that session then I learned all year because it was an artist inviting an artist into his creative cave, allowing me to see him in action where not many are allowed nor invited to participate. ”
– Jennifer Kachler


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