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  1. Kennedy Hill – A David Lynch MA in Film Master Thesis

    February 11, 2015 by jennifer

    “Kennedy Hill”is a short film set in the late 1930s about a 17 year old girl, Grace who finds out she’s adopted. In search of her birth family she journeys away from home and ends up discovering who her true family is.

    For my Master Thesis Film in the David Lynch MA in Film program, I wrote, produced and directed the short film “Kennedy Hill” which is inspired by my Grandmother (who I call Nana). She was adopted in 1925 and never knew her birth parents or if she had any siblings. Even though the film is inspired by my Nana, the story as a whole is my artistic vision on a particular time in the world where adoption was not openly spoken about. Creating a strong female lead role in this film is important to me not only as a woman but as a filmmaker to encourage girls and women to go after their own heart’s desires.




  2. “Horizon” a short film by Jennifer Joelle Kachler – 2014

    December 8, 2014 by jennifer

    Personally judged by David Lynch, “Horizon” was selected 4th place in the David Lynch MA in Film short film competition (Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart). Jennifer edited the original 16:46 minute film down to 10 minutes to be considered for a full scholarship to the Master’s Film program. Although the film was not given first place, she was accepted into the program holding the 4th place title.



    The original 16:46 minute version of “Horizon.” A School of Visual Arts B.F.A. Thesis, “Horizon” is a short film written & directed by Jennifer Joelle Kachler in 2009.

  3. Fool’s Day

    December 5, 2014 by admin

    Producer of “Fool’s Day” a short film by Cody Blue Snider.

    Fool’s Day” is a dark comedy about a 4th grade class that pulls an innocent April Fool’s prank on their teacher…that accidentally kills her. Fearing jail time, they set out to cover up the murder before their D.A.R.E. officer shows up for his weekly lesson.

    • World premiered at Tribeca Film Festival 2013 & Nominated for Best Narrative Short
    • 30+ film festival awards internationally. Academy Award qualifying at Austin Film Festival receiving the Juror’s Award for “Best Narrative Short” and “Best Short Film” at Seattle International Film Festival.
    • 70+ film festival acceptances internationally, including Meme Pas Peur festival, Cannes, Newport Beach, Oldenburg, Cucalorus, Palm Springs, Long Beach, Flickers: Rhode Island, Cinestrange, Edmonton.
    • #1 on the hollywood reporters Viewfinders list 2013, which acknowledges the best short form content of the year, voted on by the top industry executives.


  4. GQ Web Series “Most Expensivest Shit” featuring 2 Chainz

    December 4, 2014 by admin

    Producer of GQ’s web series “Most Expensivest Shit” featuring 2 Chainz.

    11 Episodes starring the most expensivest items from an ice cream sundae, a titanium toothbrush, rare headphones to a bulletproof suit. Shot on location in New York City with 4-time Grammy nominated Rapper, 2 Chainz.


  5. Holland. The Original Cool. 2014 Campaign

    December 3, 2014 by admin

    Producer of “Holland. The Original Cool.”

    2014 campaign for The Holland Marketing Alliance. Shot on location in The Netherlands with American & Dutch Crews. Featuring a 3-part web series:


  6. Teen Vogue Web Series “Bryanboy Goes to College”

    December 2, 2014 by admin

    Producer of Teen Vogue’s web series “Bryanboy Goes to College” featuring Bryanboy.

    Fashion blogger Bryanboy travels far and wide to find out what today’s most stylish college students are wearing featuring students from Parsons New School, NYU, and more. Shot at iconic locations and campuses across Manhattan.


  7. Damn Your Eyes

    December 2, 2014 by admin

    Damn Your Eyes

    Producer of “Damn Your Eyes” a short film by David Guglielmo.

    Sam, a mysterious stranger, arrives in town to exact revenge on the men who wronged him when he was only a child. He encounters Louisa, a prostitute who dreams of a better life. Meanwhile, Dennis, the town’s lawman, is familiar with Sam’s past and makes it his personal duty to stop him before the violence escalates.

    • Showcased as Short Film of the Day on Film School Rejects
    • Author, James Reasoner, blogs “the acting ranges from good to excellent, and the movie looks great, with very good photography.”
    • Reviewed by Horror Cult Films as “incredibly polished…in virtually every department, from acting to photography to editing. I find it incredible that this is the first film he’s made.”


  8. Teen Vogue Web Series “Breakfast with Bevan”

    November 22, 2014 by jennifer

    Producer of Teen Vogues’s web series “Breakfast with Bevan” featuring Taylor Swift, Janelle Monáe, Kelly Osbourne, Icona Pop, Juliette Lewis, Kate Bosworth and other fabulous celebrities!

    Teen Vogue style features director Andrew Bevan brings you along on his breakfast dates with celebrity friends, giving you a real-life peek at stars and their social lives. In each episode, they’ll grab a bite and gab about everything from last night’s party to never-before-heard personal stories.

  9. Glamour Web Series “Treat Yourself

    November 15, 2014 by jennifer

    Producer of Glamour’s web series “Treat Yourself” featuring nutrition expert and certified health coach Arielle Haspel.

    Want to bake your pie and eat it too (without the guilt)? Now you can, with Arielle’s guilt-free, healthy recipes! Watch Arielle create delectable low-fat, low-calorie, high-nutrition dishes from a healthy drunken fruit salad to a delicious post-workout cookies and cream smoothie.


  10. SELF Magazine Web Series “Girl Vs. Sweat”

    November 15, 2014 by jennifer

    Producer of SELF Magazine’s web series “Girl Vs. Sweat” featuring comedians The SRSLY. Girls, Laura Prangley, Emmy Blotnick and Franchesca Ramsey.

    Aerial Yoga, Barry’s Bootcamp, SoulCycle — these are just a handful of the hot new fitness trends sweeping gyms across the nation. We asked a few of our friends — all novices — to take on these fitness classes in the ultimate battle: Girl vs. Sweat. Who will win?

  11. Kevin Bacon featured in Shift Your Shopping For Good Informercial

    November 7, 2014 by jennifer

    Producer and Assistant Director for Shift Your Shopping For Good Informercial featuring Kevin Bacon as Melvin Macon., Shift Your Shopping & Causetown presented a special holiday experience where for the first time ever–hundreds of local, independent businesses across the country banded together to give a portion of consumer’s holiday purchases to literally any charity they chose. Shot on location in New York City with Kevin Bacon in 2013.


  12. Darren Criss

    November 4, 2014 by jennifer

    In the middle of interviewing Darren Criss of Glee, he got real, so real that he stopped the interview and declared to the world what he thought of my interviewing skills.

    Filmed during the Rent The Runway Dream Prom Event 2013 where Darren Criss preformed to the students of East Rockaway High School who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.


  13. Holland. The Original Cool. 2013 Campaign

    November 1, 2014 by admin

    Producer of “Holland. The Original Cool.”

    2013 campaign for The Holland Marketing Alliance. Shot on location in The Netherlands with American & Dutch Crews.